In 1955 David witnessed his first magic show. The spell was cast, the art of magic became a life long passion. At the age of 12 Dave was writing and performing magic shows at home for friends, and neighbours. When David was merely 14 he wrote his first “gospel magic show ”. The churches noticed Dave’s talents. Soon Dave became a professional and purchased his first car from the magic shows he was performing.
       Life took a turn from performing when David received a scholarship to Michigan State University to study science and math.
       In 1969 Dave founded “Sundance Leather” a manufacturing company. The business kept Dave occupied for the next 17 years. Magic had taken second  place as a passionate hobby.
       1986 was the year of wonder! With his business experience Dave started his second career “The Magical World of David Moon”. Now David lives his childhood dreams of Magic! You too can be a part of Dave’s dream. 
   David Moon
                                    Experience the Magic of David Moon